About me


State Academy of Visual Arts (‘Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten’) in Amsterdam, 1971-1976.
Tutors: Paul Grégoire, Piet Esser, Théresia van de Pant.
Art pedagogical training in Den Bosch, 1985.
Working as a sculptor in Eindhoven since 1976.


The choice of animals is often related to the freedom I experience working with the shapes from the animal world to express feelings. I can go much further with the abstraction to achieve my goal, while still being recognizable.
What touches me personally, I try to bring forward in the individuality of the particular animal. I make many variations on a theme. My approach is from different angles: shape, structure and skin. Assignments make room to bigger work and often lead to new paths.
In recent years I also work in 2D-techniques.



View the PDF here: ‘The creation of an sculpture’.